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Welcome to our Teen Facial experience at Northern Allure Aesthetics, where we prioritize the unique skincare needs of adolescents. Our Teen Facial is a comprehensive and rejuvenating treatment tailored specifically for teenage skin.


The journey begins with a personalized Skin Consultation to understand individual concerns and goals. Infused with soothing Aromatherapy, the experience promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being. The Deep Cleanse thoroughly purifies the skin, removing impurities and excess oil. The Exfoliation With Steam opens pores, preparing the skin for Extractions as needed. Our skilled estheticians perform targeted extractions to address specific concerns.


The final touch is the application of a customized Targeted Face Mask, addressing issues such as acne, hydration, or brightening. At Northern Allure, we believe in fostering healthy skincare habits from a young age, and our Teen Facial is designed to instill confidence in our youthful clients while promoting a clear, radiant complexion.


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Teen Facial

  • After your in-site purchase is complete, you will receive an email with an option to download your gift card or certificate. Details within the email will state "Expires in 30 days;" However our Gift Cards and Gift Certificates DO NOT EXPIRE! This is simply saying you have 30 days from purchase to download and print. If necessary you can present the email with your order number showing & that will work the same. Once printed, please write your order number in the space designated on the bottom right of your certificate. Certificates without an order number WILL NOT be accepted. 

    1. Skin Consultation

    2. Aromatherapy

    3. Deep Cleanse

    4. Exfoliation With Steam

    5. Extractions (as needed)

    6. Targeted Face Mask

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