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  • Q: What are neuromodulators and/or neurotoxins?
    A: Neuromodulators (otherwise known as neurotoxins) include Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau. Neuromodulators consists of miniscule amounts of a substance called Botulism Toxin A. This substance causes muscles to relax. When neuromodulators are used consistently; you will notice a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines at the muscle area which has been injected in the face or neck.
  • Q: Are neurotoxin results immediate:
    A: No. Neurotoxin results often take 2-10 days and sometimes up to 14 days to “kick in”.
  • Q: How long do neuromodulators/neurotoxins last?
    A: Typically, any neuromodulator or neurotoxin will last between 3-4 months. Therefore; results are not permanent.
  • Q: Will I look “frozen” after a neuromodulator/neurotoxin treatment?
    A: A well-educated, trained and certified aesthetic injector will assess your areas of concern and will determine the right amount of “units” to utilize to give you a “fresh” appearance and avoid an unwanted or desired result.
  • Q: What are typical “number of units” an individual will need?
    A: After your certified aesthetic injector has evaluated your facial muscles; they will be able to determine the correct amount of units for each area and for your desired results. Keep in mind that the number of units and treatment results will vary with each individual. See the “typical” number of units below: Glabella area (between the brows/11’s): 12-20 units for Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau and 30-50 for Dysport. Forehead: 8-20 units (B, X, J) and 20-30 units for Dysport Crow’s Feet (Lateral eye area): 8-20 units (B, X, J) and 10-35 units for Dysport Lip Flip (to evert upper lip to appear fuller): 4 units (B, X, J) and 10 units Dysport
  • Q: Why are Dysport units different from the others?
    A: To keep it simple: the manufacturer uses a different calculation method. Example: 1 unit of Botox is the same as 2.5 units of Dysport. Think of it this way: 1 in = 2.5 cm. They are the same measurement They just use different numbers.
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