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New clients:

Schedule under New Client Neuromodulators if this is your first treatment with us

Current/Existing Clients:

Current Client Neuromodulators/experienced with neurotoxin treatments

Follow-up: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau

ONLY schedule for this appointment if this is your first follow-up appointment after receiving a neurotoxin treatment (“After” pictures or touch-up treatment) OR if one of our staff members has recommended this appointment for you. Additionally, schedule this appointment if you are an existing client and would like to discuss other aesthetic treatments/services during your appointment. Please type what you would like to discuss in “Appointment Notes” section. 



New and Current/Existing Clients: 

Schedule under “Dermal Fillers” for the 45 minute appointment to allow enough time for consult, touch-ups   and/or filler service. 


ONLY schedule this appointment for initial follow-up visit after dermal filler services for “After” pictures and evaluation. This DOES NOT allow enough time for a typical filler service. ​


Microneedling AND Microinfusion services require a numbing agent application prior to your treatment. You must prepare to arrive 30 minutes PRIOR to your appointment for medication application to ensure anesthetic result and comfort during your treatment.  



You CAN have neurotoxins and chemical peels, hydrafacial services and dermaplaning completed the same day/appointment. Neurotoxins are completed last as you can NOT have any facial manipulation or services after the neurotoxin treatment. Northern Allure Aesthetics staff will NOT perform microneedling or microinfusion services the same day as neurotoxins or dermal fillers; you MUST wait at least 14 days. 



Spider vein treatments require compression for success. Therefore; you must purchase compression stockings to apply to your legs immediately after services. Be prepared to walk for 20-30 minutes after your treatment. Absolutely NO hot baths and/or showers, saunas, hot tubs, etc. These activities dilate the treated vessels and will result in suboptimal outcomes. 

  • Compression stockings must be worn 23 hours/day for at least 7-10 days or longer if tolerating well.

  • Avoid alcohol use or other vasodilators

  • Balance walking, standing, sitting and lying down. 

  • Do not pick at any scabs that may form!

  • If small bumps or lumps develop, apply warm compresses to the area and ALSO notify the practitioner/office.

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