1. Appointment times are allocated/staggered throughout the day and we recommend calling to schedule or going to our website to click on any of the “book appointment” tabs.
Phone: 651-491-4354

2. You will be contacted prior to your appointment to complete a client/patient screening and answer questions on our patient covid-19 disclosure form.


3. You will be required to sign a “non-essential service during covid-19 patient consent” prior to your service.

4. You will be required to wait in the parking lot and will be notified via call or text that we are prepared for you to enter for your appointment.


5. You will required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer prior to entering. We will also take your temperature.


6. If you are having a lower face service; your mask will be removed for the service, but you will be required to apply the mask before exiting the treatment room.


7. No person will be allowed to wait at the front desk/waiting room area. Transactions for services will be completed in the treatment room.


8. Please do not schedule an appointment or come to your appointment if you have been ill within the last 14 days.


9. You are required to come to your appointment alone. No family members, children or other guests.